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International Women’s Day

Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day. It is an opportunity to shine the spotlight on women and their successes. This year’s theme is #Breakthebias: Inspiring women to break down the barriers and feel empowered to pursue their goals. This is certainly a topic which resonates with me. As a financial advisor, I strive to empower women to look beyond all the complexity and focus on the ultimate goal of financial independence.

Today, women make up almost half of the labour force

More than ever, women are experiencing significant growth in their careers and with their wealth. Today, women make up almost half of the labour force (47% as of 2021), according to Statistics Canada (1). In the next decade women will continue to grow their share of global wealth. As the control of global wealth shifts, more women will be expected to make pivotal decisions regarding the management of their money.

For the women who are already navigating this world and are actively making decisions about their money – I applaud you. To the women that find this industry confusing and challenging – I hear you. The financial services industry is clouded with complex jargons and acronyms. The barrier to entry feels high. You end up feeling reluctant, and many may have a partner or loved one who is more comfortable. My ‘aha moment’ was realizing that I didn’t need for all the conditions to be right before I could take an active role in managing my money. You don’t need to know everything going in and it is important not to delay or defer your money journey or you may never get started.

Ask yourself what is important to you

Step 1: ask yourself what is important to you, your family, and your personal money journey. Where do you want to make an impact? What are your goals? How does your current situation with money make you feel? Make a list of all your unanswered money related questions. Start to compile any financial paperwork and documents. Consider hiring a trusted advisor or financial planner who can help you navigate the process. Hiring a professional can be more of a holistic experience than you might anticipate. You do not need to have all your financial affairs organized before engaging.

The ongoing engagement you have with your financial advisor is an opportunity to educate yourself and become more confident. This client-focused experience enables individuals to uncover what matters most, and will help you prioritize, set goals, and articulate your vision for the future. It is a rewarding and empowering process that helps individuals understand how they can have a greater financial impact within society.

Inspire more women to feel ready to manage their wealth

This year on International Women’s Day, I want to #Breakthebias and inspire more women to feel ready to manage their wealth. For me, it is an honour and a privilege to get to know more women through my work and help them achieve their financial goals. I encourage you to visit our website and follow our new blog that is aimed at helping people create a stronger relationship with money.

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Jemma Racine
Jemma Racine

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